Monday, December 12, 2011

Rustic Twig Star-How to!

 This is a super easy craft.  I just love the country rustic-ness of them!
Years ago, while we lived in Smithers, BC, and my 3 older children were the only children!!, we joined with another homeschooling family and made crafts to sell at a local Christmas craft fair.  This was one of them.  We made them using red wool to join the points, but I thought of using raffia when I was cleaning out a cupboard last night and found a big bag of it!
First, you need to get your snipper from the garden shed and go out and snip off a bunch of willow type branches.
Now, snip off 5 pieces of the same length...5, 6, 7 inches...however big you'd like to make it.  I start using the thickest ends and work my way up the branch with later ones.
Then, cut yourself some pieces of raffia or wool or embroidery floss...whatever take your fancy!  They need to be long enough to tie around 2 of the twigs twice. (Try saying that 3 times fast!)
Now, you begin tying ends together!  You need to tie them as tight as you can, without breaking the raffia, wool or floss.  I wrapped the raffia around once, tied in a single knot and then wrapped it again and tied in a double knot.

Sweet Pea thinks she can help!

Keep tying ends in zig zag pattern.

Remember to tie them tightly!
Now you've got all 5 tied together! Yay!

Now it's time to form the star shape!  Carefully move the twigs into place.  The 2 ends that are not tied will go together as one point. You will need to lift one of the twigs from the end around the back, which will tighten everything up!
Non-tied ends together in front.
The one end is now around the back.
Now tie those last 2 ends together!  You can now adjust the twigs to form the shape.  If you like, you can hot glue the joints in place with a small dab between the twigs.
Trim the ends of raffia, wool or floss to whatever length pleases you and add a hanger. Ta da!!